A  ,message from Rev. Bruce


Dear Family and Friends of St Andrew's, 


Greetings on this 21st Sunday after Pentecost. 


The Church's year is winding down and our New Year beginning with Advent 1 is approaching on the 29th of November.  Many changes have taken place during this dynamic year and by then we should have elections resolved. Time marches on.


Yet there is an old saying that "In order for things to remain the same they must change." I find this to be true each Sunday as I reflect on the readings for that day and realize that while they are the same over the three-year cycle of the lectionary the perspective with which I hear them has changed as I have as my life progresses. In other words, my insight as to their meaning changes. It has grown and become more mature.


Notice in the coming weeks before Advent that the readings will take on an urgency as God approaches us in Jesus his son. November is a transitional time, a between time. It is neither autumn or winter, it is a time of remembering and waiting. We remember our ancestors on All Souls and we give thanks and remember that Thanksgiving celebrated by our Pilgrim forebears over in Plymouth 400 years ago. 


This year on Sunday the 1st of November we remember our loved ones who have gone before us at the 9:30am Eucharist and on Wednesday evening the 25th @ 7:00 pm we will give thanks at our first meal of Thanksgiving the Eucharist.


To each and everyone let us be grateful. 


Faithfully Yours,


David A Bruce, Priest-in-Charge


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