A  ,message from Rev. Bruce


Dear Family and Friends of St. Andrew's,


Christ is Risen the Lord is Risen Indeed, Alleluia! 


These words from the Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Churches are said throughout the Easter Season not only in Church but as a daily greeting to fellow Christians during the 50 days commemorating the time when Jesus walked the Earth following his Resurrection.  In the Western Church they have been incorporated into our Liturgical tradition but I don't think generally speaking we have become accustomed to saying to them to each other as a greeting in daily life. Perhaps we should because this greeting is a statement of our Faith.


But perhaps we like the Apostles are reluctant as inwardly we want more proof.  The women who followed Jesus during his ministry and stayed beside him during his passion were the first witnesses of Jesus's Resurrection.  When they reported it to the Apostles, they wanted physical proof. Even when Jesus appears to them in the upper room, they are frightened as they thought they were seeing a ghost.  Jesus gives them the physical proof they need by having them touch his wounds and breaking bread with them as he did in the upper room at the last supper.


However, their response to his call to spread the Good News was not immediate if not reluctant. They in a few cases went back to what they had done before Jesus called them. You remember Peter and Andrew went back to fishing. It might have been that what Jesus was asking of them was too much. Once again, they would have to set down their nets and give up the familiar life they knew. Perhaps they feared the consequences of what might happen to them. They remembered Jesus's words, " take up my cross ✝️ if you want to follow me. " They saw what this meant for Jesus. All of the Apostles had a Martyrs death yet their witness to the Good News lives to this day. After all that is why some of us gathered on a cold April morning not long ago to witness this reality and were greeted with a glorious sun rise.


We like the Disciples are perhaps reluctant to greet others with the good news because we don't want to be rejected by those who would think us strange. But while it might be strange to the world which is a stranger to the Risen Lord, he is not a stranger to us. He greets us with his body and blood and his greeting "Peace be with you my Peace I give you. As my Father has sent me so now, I send you."








David Bruce, Priest-in-Charge.