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St Andrew's is dedicated to many ministries.  Both the spiritual ministry to our parishioners and the many outreach programs that we sponsor and/or house.  We have relationships with the neighborhood, the local school system and the city.  Through these relationships, we foster ministries that aid and encourage individuals to grow and succeed.



During our weekly service, we offer the opportunity to pray in general or specifically for those in need.  If you kinow someone who is ill or suffering in any number of ways, please call our office and ask to have him/her put on our prayer list.  

Sunday School


St Andrew's offers a wonderful Sunday School program run by Susan York. Children can be dropped off in the parish hall before the beginning of our 9:30 am service and Susan will work on projects and teach lessons that mirror the sermon of the day and season of the church calendar.  Parents have a choice of leaving the children in Sunday School for the entire service or having the children brought over to the church in time for the Eucharist.  Please let Susan know when you drop off your child, which you prefer.


We offer the opportunity for parents of infants and toddlers to have their child cared for during the Sunday morning service.  The nursery is inside the church, just outside of the children's altar.  It is a little room that is easily accessible and child-friendly.

Food Pantry


The Food Pantry is always appreciative of donations either in the form of food items or cash. The following is a list of items the food pantry distributes along with the approximate sizes:


Canned Tuna (5oz)

Canned Meat (12oz)

Canned Fruit (10-16oz)

Cereal (10-16oz)

Canned Beans (160z)

Canned Pasta (160z)

Spaghetti Sauce (260z)

Gravy (10.5oz)

Instant potatoes (7oz)

Macaroni & Cheese( 7oz)

Canned vegetables (15oz)

Canned soup


Food can be dropped off at the Parish Hall or checks can be mailed to the church office.  Please indicate on the check--Food Pantry.  Thank you in advance for your continuous generosity.

~The Food Pantry Staff.                                      

*If you have any questions about any of these ministries and programs, please use our contact page to reach us.  Someone will get back to you.



Youth are a very important part of St Andrew's ministries.  From encouraging literature, to empowering children to make decisions and aiding them to be good citizens, St Andrew's has something for almost every age.  

We partner with the city of New Bedford and the Episcopal Hub, as well as run programs of our own, covering Kindergarten to 5th grade.  

There are also Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops that utilize our facilities. We even offer some programs through our neighbor, the Lincoln School.



Music is another important part of our ministries.  

Our Music Director is Bruce Gardzina.  

Our church music is played on our very beautiful antique organ.  We have a small but motivated choir and are always looking for a few more voices to fill it out.

Community Service


Once you step into St Andrew's, you will know how much we love to meet, greet and be a positive influence in the community.  Besides all of the youth programs, the prayer ministry, the outreach in and around New Bedford, we offer monthly and yearly options for the community to come together with us and us with the community.

  • On the 3rd and 4th Saturdays of the month we have a Food Pantry from 11 am until noon.  

  • For 7 years running we have hosted an outdoor musical event called Rock the Block for Jesus.  This has grown and evolved with each year that we have held it.  It is usually the 3rd Saturday in September and we are always looking for musicians and volunteers to help us keep it going.

  • Every November, we make Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes for those less fortunate.  On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, those who have signed up can come and pick up a box with enough food to make a satisfying and full meal, including a turkey.

  • For the past 5 years volunteers have filled shoe boxes with toys, toiletries and treats for children around the world.  We are always looking for donations and volunteers to help us with Operation Christmas Child sponsored by Samaritan's Purse.


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