The Cross October 2019

Words from Our Warden

The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground" - Anonymous 


This was Bishop Allan Gates's message to us during his visit on Sunday 10/6.  While the cultural winds of change make for an inhospitable environment for churches to thrive, St. Andrew's is a little nut that is determined to hold its ground.  The Bishop also addressed us at coffee hour where he shared a inspiring story of Grace church in Medford.  Over of 7-8 years they more than doubled in size.  Their first step in this long journey starting by simply opening their doors and offering a free dinner to working parents.  This secular activity eventually became spiritual at the request of the parents, and in time this Wednesday night church outnumbered Sunday attendance.  My take away is



you never know where the answers to our prayers lay.  We must continue to open our doors and reach out to the community, having faith that we will be allowed to carry on doing God's work.  Bishop Gates also shared brunch with the vestry.  Feel free to speak to any member and talk about their impressions of our meeting.  It was obvious to me that the diocese recognizes our work is in-line with their (our) mission and current initiatives and they are rooting for us.  Lastly, please join me in congratulating our own Music Director and vestry member Bruce Gardzina who was confirmed into the church.   



Sr Warden



The first week of October is the traditional start time for our enrichment program and this year was no exception.  The three groups meet on Tuesdays (grades 2/3), Wednesdays (grades K/1) and Thursdays (grades 5/6).  Two groups are full with waiting lists and grades 2/3 has a few remaining openings.  Some of our 5th graders are starting their 6th year with us having begun in kindergarten and attending every year since.  The joy of reuniting with friends and coming into a warm, welcoming and exciting space was evident on their faces.  As in previous years, the kindergartners were in awe of our space and all the equipment and materials available to them. 

The garden continues to provide a beautiful and curriculum rich space for our children.  Shown below are children in the grade 2/3 group beginning work on a project.  Seeds are being harvested with the hope of starting them for replanting them in the spring. 

Our program is enriched by the volunteers who join us – some on a regular basis, some occasionally.  If you have time, you will be amazed at this wonderful group of children and you too will be enriched.  Please consider joining us.  Just call or speak to Jane Taylor (508-971-8953).

Women’s Group

Please note that the next meeting of the Women’s Group will be October 21 at Noon.






We have a group of children whose families are bringing them to us for their spiritual development.  We have a fantastic teacher who is able to adapt to the group that appears on any given Sunday morning.  The missing ingredient is a group of volunteers willing to help out for the first half of a Sunday morning service.  This volunteer position is NOT gender specific.  Please consider supporting the development of our youngest parishioners. 

Thanks - Jane Taylor (508-971-8953)





Rock the Block

Saturday, September 21st marked our 9th Annual Rock the Block event here at St Andrew’s.  This event has grown to be something that the neighborhood looks forward to and often begins asking about at the end of August.  Inquiries come in as to whether or not it will be happening again that coming September.  Those conversations fuel the need to keep up the work that it takes to make this happen.  And 2020 marks our 10th year, so I feel the need to make it bigger and better for this milestone anniversary.  With that said, there are already plans in the works to do just that.  We hope that you will all come along for the ride and continue to support us with your time and energy on the day of the event. 

Unfortunately, this past Rock the Block had some major issues to overcome but the day came off well under the circumstances.  People I spoke with over the following days were still happy with the event and are not only willing to come back next year, but to help out as well. 

As you may or may not know, due to an issue beyond anyone’s control, our bouncy house vendor was unable to deliver the bouncy house that was promised to us.  This is a big piece of our appeal to getting the children to our grounds where they are exposed to the Word and Love and charity and gratitude and so many other things…


Beyond that our traditional and very professional face painter suffered a stroke the week of Rock the Block.  We were blessed to have Riley Spooner, 12 years old, step up and do our face painting for us…and what an amazing job she did!!

Due to my new job, I was unable to be here for the whole day and even when I arrived, I was still lacking energy as I adjusted to this new schedule.  Next year, I will be requesting the day before off as a vacation day so that I can be well rested and participate fully.  I truly missed the feeling of watching this unfold, bringing the neighborhood together with St Andrew’s.

The committee would like to thank all of you who were here helping, cooking, serving, setting up, breaking down, donating, shopping etc…


Rectory Update

Work on the rectory has been stationed primarily on the first floor.  Most work has been on the downstairs full bath.  The new tub is in, the wainscoting is up, and I’m betting that by the time you read this, the new floor, toilet and vanity will be ready to be installed!

    We’re measuring for work to be completed in the kitchen.  Once the dishwasher is installed we can rework the cabinetry and then the counter.  

We’ve also been doing our best to keep the exterior and yard looking neat.  It’s really a labor of love!

     The push is really on now because if you read the article on our “Search”, you know that applications are due no later than November 15th.  At that time, we will begin the interview process. I’m sure that finalists will want a tour of the home and we want her to look like the gem she truly is! 

     Lynn (Assistant to the general contractor, Archie)



Thanksgiving Baskets...Keep up the tradition!

     Please help by donating food items to fill the Thanksgiving Baskets we provide for needy families in our area.  We are hoping to fill 30 baskets!  Thirty boxes can take up precious floor space in the Parish House, so we make available one large box for each food item.  Right before the “family pick-up day” we will fill the 30 smaller boxes.  Of course, monetary donations are very helpful too! If you write a check, please make it out to “Lynn Eddleston”.  Please have your donations in the boxes no later than Sunday, Nov. 17th.  Baskets will be handed out on Sat. Nov. 23th.   Thank you in advance!     Lynn

Here’s a list of foods included in every basket…

Cranberry sauce- large can

Turkey gravy- 2 cans or jars

Canned corn- 2 cans

Canned peas- 2 cans

Canned yams- 2 small cans or 1 large

½ gallon juice- (apple, cranberry, cranapple, crangrape)

Stuffing mix- 2 boxes or one large bag

5 lb. bag potatoes

12-15 lb. turkey- if you plan to bring a turkey to church contact me first so I can prepare freezer

A treat: (cookies, candy, snack mix, whatever I see on sale)


“Summin’ Up the Search”

Oh boy!  We’re getting close!  On Oct. 1st, Kelly O’Connell, the Regional Canon of the Diocese will have arranged to put our Parish Profile and our two job postings online.  Then, for six weeks we collect applications (until Nov. 15th).  We are offering our new rector a half-time position with ten hours being spent on our spiritual needs and the other ten hours working as our Program Coordinator.  We are expecting our new rector to use our rectory as well.

     Naturally, the Search Committee will keep our congregation completely in the know.  But right now, it’s a bit of a waiting game.  I think the committee feels very confident having Kelly working with us.  She wants the best for us and has headed us in the right direction when we’ve felt we were stumbling.

     By the way, our Parish Profile is finished, of course, and if you missed looking through it in the parish house, feel free to go to our website and peruse through it when you have some time.        

     Our members include Bob Gregory, Paula Sullivan, Olivia Davis, Yours Truly, and Mali Lim.  If you ever have questions, please feel free to pull one of us aside.



Halloween Party



Sunday, October 27th, 2pm to 4 pm,  join us for our annual Halloween Party here at St Andrew’s.  Bring the kids, the grandkids, the neighbors…join the children of St Andrew’s Enrichment Program…let’s have a good time, play some games, eats some sweets and show off our best Halloween costumes. 

Shoe Box Project:  Operation Christmas Child

We will be packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child on Sunday, November 17th.  Time to TBD.  Any help will be appreciated.  Any items for donation should be brought in before that date. 

Thank you as always for your generous contributions to this important ministry.



Did you know that St Andrew's took out two loans in 2014 to pay for major building repairs including the church tower. Our monthly payments on these loans are $727 and they will be paid off in 2029.  When you put money in the envelope marked "building fund" it is used to pay off these loans. Thank you for your continued generosity!


To meet our anticipated 2019 operating expenses, we need $1,555 in weekly income.  Here is our weekly income and attendance for the past month.

                       income                  attendance

September 1     $1700                          34

September 8     $1246                          35

September 15   $1010                          50

September 22   $1248.04                     28

September 29   $1086                          36


The altar flowers were given in loving memory of:


~Steve Baker by Joanne Baker

~Marc Bouchard by Janet Bouchard

~In Celebration of Therese Lemieux’s 91st Birthday



The sanctuary candle was lit in loving memory of:


~Family and Friends of St Andrew’s




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