Thank You!


                           A big thank you goes out to the families of Jay and Marilyn Bissonnette.

Through their generosity we have been able to add much more to the rectory.  We were able to fill most of the kitchen drawers and cabinets with good quality items such as, pots and pans, frying pans, flatware, an entire set of dishes including serving pieces, utensils, a teapot, placemats, baking supplies, end-tables…I could continue but that’s what I’ve brought over thus far!


So, a huge thank you to Paula and Lee Bissonnette, Susan and Pete Abraham (and their children and families), and to Janet Bouchard for offering a good home for their loved ones’ belongings.


As I mentioned to Susan and Janet, though their sister has passed, she is still helping St. Andrew’s!


Janet Bouchard has also donated furniture and lamps and Jean and Paul Dumas donated a big, comfy, antique rocker!


David Bruce, when he arrives, will be able to walk right in and feel at home!  


                                                            Thank you, thank you, thank you!




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