“Summin’ Up the Search”


I cannot express the pride and thanks I feel for the work that has been done by our Search/Interview Committee.  We have finally seen our hard work reach fruition.


At our Annual Meeting, held on Sunday, March 1st, we shared with the congregation that after much thought, prayer and discussion we would be calling the Reverend David Bruce as our new rector!  That’s when I had to call him, to see if he felt “called to St. Andrew’s”.  He did!


David, as he prefers to be called, comes to us with high hopes for St. Andrew’s.  He finds us to be warm, friendly, and hardworking- which we are!!!  He also was impressed with our determination of direction and purpose.  He looks forward to visiting with our sick and homebound.  In addition, he hopes to be able to introduce new ideas and programs to our after-school and summer programs.  He loves the rectory, the big yard, the City of New Bedford and all of the ethnic diversity that comes with it.


In all of this good news is a significant glitch.  David is unable to join us until September 1st.  He felt strongly that he not break contracts already made in Scandinavia.  This, we thought, could be a game changer, because that’s a long time for us to hold things together and to continue without a spiritual leader.  But God is good, and we received an offer from Rev. Geoffrey Piper, retired from St. Gabrielle’s.  He has offered to serve with us through the months of July and August!  Working toward the present, Kelly O’Connell has helped to arrange for Rev. Phil Jacobs to serve from, I believe, the end of April through June.  IF we have a Palm Sunday and/or Easter service- and we all hope the virus doesn’t hinder that, we will have Rev. John Olsson for 11 am services.  I know Rachelle will be sending information to you regarding the schedule.    


Our Search/Interview Committee included Bob Gregory, Paula Sullivan, Olivia Davis, Yours Truly, Jane Taylor and Mike Collins.  If you have an opportunity, please take a moment to thank them for their hard work.



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