Hello all, I hope everyone’s been having a wonderful summer, as businesses and programs begin to open up, I hope that you’re all staying safe!


We’re just about halfway through the summer now and the garden plots are looking great! I’d like to thank all the families who’ve had the chance to make the most out of this growing season with me.


We’ve still got a few months to go, I look forward to being able to support our gardeners through the rest of the growing season!


Logan Avelar

Community Garden Coordinator

Even More Thank You’s…

     It’s a great thing to have the opportunity to thank even more people for their generosity and kindness to our church and our congregation.  Last month, my article thanking the family of Marilyn and Jay Bissonnette was inadvertently left out of the CROSS- however, it has been included in this addition.  And no worries!  That just means I can add to that list of folks we appreciate!

     First of all, we had an “anonymous” donation of ceiling tiles for the parish house.  Archie and Bob replaced some terrible-looking tiles in the secretary’s office and then moved into Susan York’s classroom/lab next door to replace many of those.  We’ve been stealing from that room whenever we needed one replaced elsewhere.  Much thanks to our “anonymous” donor!  And of course- thanks to Archie and Bob for doing the work!

     What’s good about Covid-19?  Not much! But one positive is that people have been home more and they’ve been cleaning out basements, garages, attics, and repurposing rooms in their homes.  One such couple, the lovely Judy and Bob Gregory, have changed Katie’s old bedroom around and they’ve donated Katie’s beautiful cherry wood bedroom set to our rectory.  The bed is a twin and it fits perfectly in the small upstairs bedroom.  Thank you so much Judy and Bob…and Miss Katie too!

     As Assistant Treasurer I would like to thank so many of you for continuing with your pledges through this “distancing order”.  As many of you know, I stop by the parish house every Saturday or Sunday and I make a deposit of any pledges that have come in.  Some of you mail your pledge to the church while some mail it to my home.  Either way is just fine.  It has been AN ENORMOUS help to Gingie as she still needs to pay many of our regular bills every month.  “Keep up the good work” is what I’ve been telling my 6th Graders- don’t get discouraged, this too shall come to an end, and I’d like to think we’ll be better and stronger for it.

     I would also like to thank the many individuals who do so much behind the scenes who often do not get a thank you.  Those who pay the bills, those who regularly call parishioners to just to “check-in”, those who attend Zoom meetings to plan, and those who help to assure that our church family is kept up to date and given the assurance that “we may not be together, but we’re never alone”.




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