Thanksgiving Baskets...Keep up the tradition!

   Yes, we are going to try, once again, to provide Thanksgiving meals to our friends in the community.  We have had a steady stream of families come to our Food Pantry so we are assuming we will have folks asking to sign up for our Thanksgiving Baskets.


     However, under these circumstances, we will need to make a few changes.  We will be collecting food in the church rather than the parish house in boxes found next to the Bell Choir tables.  Just bring this list of holiday food items to your grocery store and pick up whatever you can.  Monetary donations are always welcome too!  If you decide to write a check, please make it out to “Lynn Eddleston”. 


   We search for the best deals on all food items!  Food must be delivered to boxes no later than Sunday, Nov. 15th.  Baskets will be picked up on Saturday, November 21st.    


Thank you in advance!      Lynn


Here’s a list of foods included in every basket…

Cranberry sauce- large can                                                             

Turkey gravy- 2 cans or jars

Canned corn- 2 cans                                                                         

Canned peas- 2 cans

Canned yams- 2 small cans or 1 large                                          

Stuffing mix- 2 boxes or one large bag                                        

5 lb. bag potatoes ½ gallon juice- (apple, cranberry, cranapple, crangrape)        


12-15 lb. turkey- if you plan to bring a turkey to church contact me first so I can prepare freezer. 

A treat: (cookies, candy, snack mix, whatever I see on sale)

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