We are now streaming our 9:30am Sunday Service on our

Facebook & YouTube page. 


Please look for St. Andrews Episcopal Church on Facebook, the link is below.  

Like our Facebook Business page and watch our Live-Stream Sunday Service at 9:30am.





So that we can offer our parishioners another way of viewing our service, we will

also be attempting to add our Sunday service to our YouTube Channel.   Please go

to the link below or you can go to and search for St. Andrew's Office

scroll towards the bottom of the page until you find our church photo. 

It is something new we are trying, so please bear with us.


R U Ok.jpg

Did You Know?

     You’ve surely noticed that we have included our Prayers of the People in our CROSS.  It is the place where we can ask our parish family to say a prayer for friends and family members who are going through a difficult time, whatever that might be.  You can easily have names submitted by contacting our church office by phone (508)992-9274 or email at

     However, did you know that our original Prayer Chain is still active?  Healing and strength can come through prayer.  We all know it.  We’ve all seen it happen.  But there are times when we don’t want those requests for prayer in print.  Please remember that any time you would like a personal prayer for yourself or a loved one, you can give Betty Helme a call and she will move your wishes for prayer down the chain.  Betty’s number is 508-763-9544.