With Thanks.....

It has been a busy winter but with things beginning to wind down, (I hope I haven’t jinxed myself), I realize that I have many people for whom I owe my thanks.  I also have plenty of time to write this article as we’re all home to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus.


I’ll begin with the Search and Interview Committees.  Beginning with Paula, Olivia, and Bob who served tirelessly on the Search Committee, and then Mike and Jane who later joined us for the interview process, I extend my heartfelt thanks.  These fellow parishioners spent Saturdays, Sundays, and evenings meeting, sharing, and prayerfully working to find the best person possible to lead St. Andrew’s in the future.


While on the subject of our “Search”, are you aware that the cost of the process can cost a parish thousands of dollars?  It’s true.  Our search, at this point amounted to approximately $1200.  BUT, thanks to so many of you who made very generous donations, the balance that actually came out of our accounts remains at $45!  Thank you all!


Our family would like to thank the many members of our parish family who shared thoughts and prayers after our loss of Archie’s brother, Sonny.  We never realized how much it helps to have the support of people who care about you at a difficult time such as this.


On a lighter note, thank you, good friends, for the hilarious “show” and the “gifts” we received in thanks for the work completed at the rectory.  We will use our gift card to Frank’s Butcher Shop to buy delicious steaks for our weekend, “Steak Night”.  Or, perhaps a spiral ham for Easter…that is if we can all be together for the holiday.


As for our other “gifts”, we’ve been having very romantic evenings listening to “Fifes, Drums and Bagpipes- Greatest Love Songs of all Time”.  For a little extra spice, Archie will sometimes don a kilt!


Archie was right on when he said that the work was a labor of love and that this community project seemed to bring us even closer together.


So, thank you, friends.  You know what I always say, “it continues to amaze, how so few can accomplish so much”!


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